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Dear customers, Thanh Tram Huong specialises in providing products made from high quality natural Agarwood with a team of skilled and skillful craftsmen in Vietnam to bring to customers products such as Agarwood bracelets, Agarwood necklaces, Agarwood incense and all kinds of high quality Agarwood accessories. Our Agarwood products have been trusted by many customers even though we have only just started our business not long ago.

Guarantee high quality natural Agarwood

Trầm Hương thiên nhiên chất lượng cao

Raw materials for making products are purchased directly by us in large quantities in raw material areas all over Vietnam and Southeast Asia, materials are carefully selected to create products with high quality. The best quality and the most beautiful designs, exquisite.
We buy directly and hand-select raw materials from the source, ensuring high quality, finishing at a priceless and reasonable price.

Trầm Hương thiên nhiên thật

We absolutely DO NOT use, buy and sell fake or imitate Agarwood… We commit to refund and give away products if customers find fake goods at the Thanh Huong Tram.

Dedicated advice, fast shipping and safe

Cửa hàng Trầm Hương uy tín

Our staff is ready to give dedicated advice on your questions as well as the need to use and learn about natural Agarwood products from near and far customers. For customers far and away, we ensure the fast and safe transportation of goods in and out of the country.
  • Address: 7B Esk Ave Green Valley NSW 2168
  • Phone: 0415 888 995
  • Email: info.thanhtramhuong@gmail.com
  • Website: https://thanhtramhuong.com.au/
Thank you for your trust and love for Thanh Huong Tram and we look forward to continuously serving you.