Tiger’s Eye Bracelet Carved in Lotus Shape

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  • Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection. It is helpful for travellers due to its grounding and protective energies. Tiger’s Eye encourages integrity, and assists in accomplishing goals, recognising inner resources and promoting clarity of intention.
  • It is a useful stone for recognising your own needs and the needs of others. It helps to differentiate between wishful thinking about what you want and what you actually need. Tiger’s Eye is helpful for resolving internal dilemmas and conflict, especially those brought about by pride. It is particularly helpful for people with personality disorders, and supports an addictive personality in making changes.


What is Tiger’s Eye?

This natural gem, with an intriguing name, is a variety of quartz that has undergone a change in its composition, due to the climatic and geological context it has faced for millions of years. It is connected to two elements: earth and fire, and to two main chakras: the Muladara (root chakra), and the Manipūra (solar plexus chakra). Since ancient times, the tiger’s eye has been appreciated for its beautiful brown and golden reflections that recall the colors of the largest of felines, and its pupil.


The most important tiger’s eye deposits are found in South Africa and were discovered in the 19th century. Before that, this stone was very rare and sold at the price of precious stones such as diamond or emerald. It is now classified as a “fine stone” but is still very sought after by all mineralogy and lithotherapy enthusiasts.

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