Cultivated Sinking Agarwood Bracelet Bamboo Pattern Style With Cross Charm


  • Size 14 mm
  • The bracelet is made from cultivated Agarwood trees in Vietnam (age of the tree is between 7-15 years old).
  • The bracelet doesn’t have the Feng Shui and spiritual features of Natural Agarwood bracelet.
  • The process of forming and creating the product is completely artificial.

Safety Caution: This bracelet is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Caring of Your Agarwood Bracelet:

Avoid direct contact with water

Consider taking your Agarwood bracelet off when going for a shower, washing dishes (washing your hand with light water may be fine). Too much direct contact with water can lead to irreparable damage to the bracelet such as cracking/splitting of the beads and losing the distinctive fragrance of your Agarwood bracelet.

Avoid contact with chemical components

Keeping the bracelet away from cleaning products such as soap, washing powder, shampoo, alcohol etc. The Agarwood’s fragrance can be weaken through chemical reaction with these products.

Avoid wearing the Agarwood bracelet near stronger smelling items.

Agarwood is a very porous wood which means it absorbs other scents easily. Therefore, pay attention to smoking, drinking, and eating hot pot because the Agarwood will adsorb other scents, resulting in impure Agarwood scent.

Avoid wearing the bracelet whilst doing physical activities

Sweat from doing physical activities such as sport, gardening can cause the bracelet to lose its natural colour. Also to prevent the beads from being damaged during vigorous outdoor activities.

Avoid storing in a location with strong odours

Best to store in a glass container or in a jewellery box and keep in a cool location when not wearing.

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