Natural Agarwood Bracelet 108 Beads 6mm Malaysia

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  • The bracelet is made from natural agarwood grown in Malaysia.
  • The bracelet has dark orange colour, sweet and gentle aroma.
  • The bracelet is of high quality craftsmanship, size 6mm and has 108 beads.




The meaning of 108 beads: The rosary of 108 beads, also known as Japamala, is one of the Buddha’s teachings used to eliminate 108 types of disturbing emotions, worries from ignorance, and difficult paths that every human must pass to reach the peaceful shore.

In Buddha, the number 108 means “Full” and “Intellectual”; besides, the same 108 number represents 108 human sorrows. Humans are born with ears, eyes, nose, tongue, body, and mind. The eyes see the scenery, the ears listen to the sound. The nose smells the scent, the tongue tastes sweet, sour, and bitter. The body feels the heat, the cold which brings happy-sad. These feelings either make humans be at peace or in confusion. 108 feelings come from the past, the present, and the future.


A myriad of Agarwood uses have been passed down throughout the many thousands of years since its discovery. Due to its pleasant smell, it is often burned for incense, and the plant’s oils can be extracted for usage as an essential oil. Many luxury perfumes carry notes of Agarwood.

Breathe Agarwood in deeply and allow it to calm the body and mind. The smoke of Agarwood is thought to be a scent of wisdom, used during Buddhist meditation and chanting.

Our favorite way to incorporate Agarwood into our daily life is through jewelry. Dynamic and powerful, Agarwood bracelets are especially well-suited for both man and woman. Wear it to stay mentally focused, physically vitalized, and spiritually nurtured.


This exotic wood has been called “Wood of the Gods,” alluding to its mystique. It has been highly sought after since ancient times for its fragrance and medicinal properties.


  • Avoiding water
  • Avoiding apply perfume directly to or nearby the bracelet, avoiding heavy smell from food and chemical being near the bracelet.
  • When wearing the bracelet, try to avoid physical activities which can lead to sweat.
  • Avoiding the bracelet being contact with sharp or heavy objects which can damage the shape or structure of the beads.
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